Mission: to enable global commodity trade

A brief history

Acta Shipping was created in 2009 for the purpose of providing comprehensive logistical services to small independent oil and refined product traders who do not have their own shipping/logistics departments.  Our oldest account, for example, is a commodity trader based in Geneva, Switzerland. This company employs one trader and one operations manager. At the start of our relationship, Acta Shipping established and then managed for the client the entire supply chain of Heavy Fuel Oil from inland refineries in Russia to the end-consumers across the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea regions. The supply chain was designed to timely move HFO from the refineries via railroad and trucks to seaports, then aboard chartered tankers to the port of destination for a CIF sale. Acta Shipping arranged and coordinated inland transportation, stevedoring services for accumulation and loading the cargo aboard tankers in ports, cargo surveys at each change of custody along the chain to ensure maintenance of the contractual quantity and quality, proper shipping documentation, cargo insurance, chartering and operation of the suitable tankers. The customer would not be able to benefit from the geographic arbitrage without the services of Acta Shipping L.L.C.

The company provided similar services to other traders and several bunkering companies located in Romania, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Dubai, Lebanon, etc. Since 2009, Acta Shipping successfully completed thousands of deliveries of fuel oil, diesel oil, base oil, and naphtha.

M/T Fure Sun

Where we are today

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Acta Shipping ceased all work inside Russia and with Russian companies, which eliminated the inland logistics work. We maintain traditional chartering activities for those of our customers who have non-Russian suppliers. Some of our customers, in the process of adapting to the new market conditions and working with more remote suppliers, made a strategic decision to acquire their own ships. Because of the relationships and trust we built with them over the years, they engaged Acta Shipping as their agent in identifying and acquiring suitable tonnage.

M/T Cape Bacton: sold in 2023
M/T Cape Bradley: sold in 2023