Acta Non Verba = Deeds, not Words


Acta Shipping L.L.C. was founded and is fully owned by Mr. Alex Mironov. A seasoned maritime professional with almost three decades of work experience in the industry, Mr. Mironov holds several degrees in shipping and logistics: a BS in Marine Transportation with a minor in Marine Engineering from the US Merchant Marine Academy (Kings Point, New York, 1995), a MS in Marine Transportation with a minor in Marine Economics from the Novorossiysk State Maritime Academy (Novorossiysk, Russia, 1997), and a Post-Graduate degree in Shipping and Logistics from the Middlesex University (London, UK, 2015). Mr. Mironov was one of the only five Soviet students to ever attend a US Federal Academy. After his graduation in 1995, he worked for two years as a chartering manager for the Joint Stock Company Novoship in Novorossiysk, Russia to fulfil his obligation to the company that paid for his education in the United States. In 1998 Mr. Mironov permanently relocated to the United States, where he became a citizen and has been residing with his family ever since. 

Alex Mironov, USMMA 1995